Practical everything does not hit the table, personality copy watch guide.

At the end of the year, several friends said they wanted to buy a watch as a gift to treat themselves. Do you have any recommendations? There are many kinds of looks, but I prefer to be practical and versatile with the copy watch’s personality; they can be applied to various occasions and are not easy to hit the table, so it is a good choice. In this article, we selected three copies of the replica watch’s unique design; interested friends, read on!

Rolex Date Ladies 179174 Ladies 26MM & Steel (Jubilee) Fashion Watch

Rolex Date Ladies 179174 Ladies 26MM & Steel (Jubilee) Fashion Watch

Rolex 179175F Ladies 26MM Rose Gold (Presidential) Fashion Watch

Watch review:

When it comes to diamond dial watches, the first is the Rolex log series. These copies are made of white and sapphire, silver diamond, and mother-of-pearl – pink gold diamonds. It has a great charm with a steel and gold bracelet and a rose gold bracelet.

Log watches come in different sizes: 26, 31, 36, and 41 millimeters. Each watch has a different tone and modification effect of the dial, and the material also has many choices. The dials include diamond-encrusted or mother-of-pearl styles, while the unique ones are palm leaf and triangle anti-grain, particularly delicate. In addition, this watch is specially equipped with various outer ring designs, including polished, round arch, triangular anti-grain, and diamond-encrusted styles, to create a unique personality for wearing. The outer ring of these marks is cast in 18ct gold, white gold, or eternal rose gold. Shape special chic, particular unique style. Depending on the model’s size, the log has a 2235 or 2236 movement or the latest 3235 movements. These movement’s innovative elements ensure the accuracy and reliability of the watch, both from the power reserve and anti-seismic anti-magnetic aspects have been greatly improved.

The new Oyster Log 31 comes in three styles: a white gold and steel model with a sky blue floral face, a triangular rip-resistant outer ring, and an oyster strap; 18ct gold with an olive green flower dial, 46 round diamonds, and a headband; Timeless rose gold and steel with a silver floral dial, 46 round diamonds on the outer ring, commemorative strap; These three styles are exquisite, the design is also very reasonable, very shocking.

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